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The American Executioners Source List

Studying both Dachau and the Dachau liberation reprisals, was, to be blunt, no fucking fun. It made me sad, it made me angry, it made me quietly existential and while all these things are actually probably a good thing since they remind me that I still have a pulse, it's hard for me to recommend that anyone immerses themselves in the literature of this story. But a lot of you are like me; you're gluttons for suffering like I said in the pod, and more importantly, you like to learn. So here are the sources I used--more primary ones than usual, at that--for studying the liberation of Dachau.

1. John C. McManus, Hell Before Their Very Eyes, 2015

3. Col. William W. Quinn, Dachau: The U.S. 7th Army Report, 1945 (republished 2015)

5. Wolfgang Benz and Barbara Distel, "Dachau and the Nazi Terror: 1933-1945", 2002

6. Thomas Farragher, "Vengeance at Dachau", The Boston Globe, 2001



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