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The Devil Soldier & His Ever Victorious Army Source List

The march of West meets East continues with the newest episode of History Impossible covering the Taiping Rebellion and the Ever Victorious Army under Hua, the American mercenary named Frederick Townsend Ward. Unfortunately there was not time to cover the Taiping Rebellion to its fullest extent, but some excellent books I used are included in the source list here if you want to get the jump on the eventual series I'm planning that will include the Taiping movement.

1. Caleb Carr, The Devil Soldier, 1992

2. Hallett Abend, The God from the West: A Biography of Frederick Townsend Ward, 1947

3. Robert S. Rantoul, Frederick Townsend Ward: The Life Story of the 'Devil Soldier' of China's Taiping Rebellion, 1908

4. Ralph Delahaye Paine, General Frederick Townsend Ward, Leader of the Chinese 'Ever Victorious Army', 1912

5. Jonathan D. Spence, God's Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan, 1996

6. Thomas H. Reilly, The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom: Rebellion and the Blasphemy of Empire, 2014

Again, it's important to stress that if you'd like to learn more about the Taiping Rebellion, at least in podcast form, that you head over to Luminary and check out Daniele Bolelli's three-part series on the conflict and its origins on the History on Fire feed!


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