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The Original Donald Trump Source List

Hello ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades, friends.

I hope you've gotten a chance to listen to "The Original Donald Trump". While I certainly may have trouble remembering to do this consistently with future episodes of History: Impossible and should probably just include this in the show notes for them, I also want to promote the sources I used for this episode.

I used some primary sources, including a handy PDF that covered Denis Kearney's speeches that he made on his East Coast tour and the first source below that was written by Henry George, as well as over half a dozen archived newspaper clippings from the era. But the other three main sources I used have links to their Amazon pages if you want to explore these amazing authors' works more extensively for yourself.

1. Henry George, "The Kearney Agitation in California", 1880

2. Michael A. Bellesiles, 1877: America's Year of Living Violently, 2010

3. Iris Chang, The Chinese in America, 2003


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