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Update on Progress

Seeing as I wrote History: Impossible's sort of mission statement/pitch/thing nearly a year ago, I feel like I need to provide an update for the few of you checking in on this site since it went live a few weeks back. "Where's the damn podcast?" you may be asking. I could be glib and say something akin to "good question."

But the truth is between my first post--which was the first thing I created for this site, incidentally--and now, I've literally read over 4,000 pages over the course of over a dozen books and articles, written the equivalent of a book, and recorded and cut together nearly 10 hours of audio...and that's only the first half of the first season I had planned, requiring me to split this first story into a full two seasons. I know, I never promised I was of sound mind and judgment. But despite this, miraculously, I essentially have the first half of this story ready to go.

So what's the deal? Where is it? Why aren't you dropping it? You some kind of a pussy or something? All valid questions. The truth is, after having a very valuable and friendly meeting and a number of online conversations with a fellow podcaster whose word is (or goddamn NEEDS to be) truly considered gospel in the history podcast space, I've come to see that it might not have been the best idea to bite off more than I could chew before I have anything else to show for it.

(The best irony of this was that I first thought about doing that from the beginning, but somehow convinced myself that if I went in with the big story first that THAT would cause the show to gain the most traction and have the most staying power).

The point is this: this first (and second) series is beyond epic if only due to its geographic and temporal scale. And I need to have a little more breadth and brevity with these first few episodes of History: Impossible to really help give you all an idea of what I'm all about here: short, focused, and to-the-point (I know, with me, what a shock), all in the spirit of impossible history. That's why I'm going to be that asshole that's been hyping this damn thing for nearly a year and say "It'll be done when it's done" to buy myself a little more time to craft a couple of one-off episodes.

And trust me: these will be good. They're one-offs, for sure. But they're One Off Impossibilities. I doubt you ever thought that you'd hear the story of the original Donald Trump or the story of Jesus Christ's long-lost Chinese brother.


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